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1950 Rulan C. Pian collection.
1956 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vo1. 2, entry 470. [Between 1956 and 1964 Rulan Chao Pian wrote 23 items for the Revue bibliographique de sinologie (Paris). These are short discussions, in English, of Chinese-language publications on theater, music, history and aesthetics. They will be listed in summary form by year.]
1957 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vol. 3, entries 686, 698, 700, 750.
1958 Review of "China" by Laurence E. R. Picken, in The New Oxford History of Music, vol. 1. The Journal of Asian Studies 17/3: 450-53.
1959 Review of Japanese Music and Musical Instruments, by William P. Malm. Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 22: 297-98.
1960 Musical sources of the Sung Dynasty (960-1279). [Thesis (Ph. D.)--Radcliffe College.]
1960 A Syllabus for the Mandarin Primer. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
1961 A Syllabus for Mandarin Primer. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Review: The Journal of Asian Studies 20/3: 370-71, by Frederick W. Mote.
1961 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vol. 7, entries 5, 253, 479, 504.
1962 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vol. 8, entries 675-679, 682, 687.
1963 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vol. 9, entries 468-470.
1964 Revue bibliographique de sinologie, vol. 10, entries 427, 429, 432, 436.
1965 Aids for study of elementary Chinese. Cambridge: Department of Far Eastern Languages, Harvard University.
1966 "Teaching Elementary and Intermediate Written Chinese at Harvard." Chinese Language Teachers Association Journal 1/1: 20-25.
1967 Sonq Dynasty Musical Sources and Their Interpretation. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. [Received Otto Kinkeldey Award from the American Musicological Society]. Reviews: Notes 26/1 (1969): 23-24, by Fredric Lieberman; Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 28 (1968): 259-62, by William P. Malm; Monumenta Serica 27 (1968): 447-50, by Colin Mackerras; Ethnomusicology 13/3 (1969): 553-56, by Fritz Kuttner; Journal of the American Oriental Society 89/3 (1969): 600-21, by Laurence E. R. Picken.
1968 Review of Musical Notation of the Orient, by Walter Kaufmann. Journal of the American Oriental Society 88/3: 636-40.
1968 Review of Peking Opera, by Elizabeth Halson. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 31/1: 177-79.
1969 "Chinese Music," "Chyn," and "Pyiba." In the Harvard Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
1970 "Rewriting of an Act of Yuan Drama, Lii Kwei Fuh Jing, in the Style of the Peking Opera: A Field Worker's Experiment." Chinoperl News 2: 19-39.
1971 "The Function of Rhythm in the Peking Opera." In The Musics of Asia, edited by Jose Maceda, 114-31. Manila: the National Music Council of the Philippines with the UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines.
1971 Review of An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Music, by Fredric Lieberman. Notes 28/2: 227-29.
1971 Review of "Instrumental Music" by Fredric Lieberman, notes for the record Music of China, vol. 1: Chinese Instruments. Ethnomusicology 15/2: 310-13.
1971 Review of notes by Dale Craig, for the record The Chinese Opera; Arias from 8 Peking Operas. Ethnomusicology 15/2: 313-15.
1972 "Text Setting with the Shipyi Animated Aria." In Words and Music, the Scholar's View: A Medley of Problems and Solutions, compiled in Honor of A. T. Merrit by Sundry Hands, edited by Lawrence Berman, 237-70. Cambridge: Department of Music, Harvard University.
ca. 1972-1984 Course materials for music and ritual.
1974 "An Interim Bibliography for the Chinese Oral Tradition." Chinoperl News 4: 78-84.
1974 "Report on Fieldwork in Taiwan in the Summer of 1964." Chinoperl News 4: 123-28.
1974 "Report on Research in the year 1965-66." Chinoperl News 4: 129-32.

"Videotaping Peking Opera." Chinoperl News 4: 133-37.

1975 "Aria Structural Patterns in the Peking Opera." In Chinese and Japanese Music Drama, edited by J. I. Crump and W. P. Malm, 65-86. Ann Arbor: Center for Chinese Studies, The University of Michigan.
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1976 "Ch'en Yang," "Hu Yüan," "Nieh Ch'ung-I," and "Ts'ai Yüan-Ting." In Sung Biographies, edited by Herbert Franke. Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag.
1978 "A Complete Translation and Transcription of the Medley Song, 'The Courtesan's Jewel Box'." Chinoperl Papers 8: 161-206.
1979 "Rhythmic Texture in the Peking Opera, The Fisherman's Revenge." Asian Cultural Quarterly 7/4: 19-26. [Paper given at the International Symposium on Asian Music, Taipei, July 8-12, 1979.]
1979-80 "A Study of the Use of Music as a Narrative Device in the Medley Song, 'The Courtesan's Jewel Box'." Chinoperl Papers 9: 9-31.
198? Buddhist chants sound recording.
1980 "Chinese Music-Overview." In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie. London: Macmillan.
1980 "Feng Yue Guei Jou, 'Boat Return in the Rain'." Journal of Far Eastern Studies (Seoul) 23-24: 389-403. [Transcription with Commentary.]
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1984 "In Memoriam: Yang Yin-Liu." Ethnomusicology 28/2: 289-90.
1984 Review of The Performing Arts in Contemporary China, by Colin Mackerras. Ethnomusicology 28/3: 574-76.
1984-85 "My Life as a Drum Singer." Chinoperl Papers 13: 6-106. [Complete translation of the autobiography of the drum singer Jang Tsueyfenq.]
1985 "The Twirling Duet: A Dance Narrative from Northeast China." In Music and Context, A Festschrift for John M. Ward, edited by Anne Dhu Shapiro, 210-41. Cambridge: Department of Music, Harvard University.
1985 "My Father's (Y. R. Chao) Musical Life." Stone Lion Review 13: 66-74.
1986 "Birthday Greetings From the Eight Immortals." Chinoperl Papers 14: 15-25. [Translation and transcription of a kaipian, sung in the style of the Southern narrative song, tarntsyr.]
1987 "My Graduate Training and My Career." In Living Our Choices, Choosing Our Lives: Alumni Career Profiles from Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Science, 17. Cambridge: Harvard University.
1988 "Music in China." In Encyclopedia of Asian History, edited by Ainslie T. Embree, vol. 3: 59-62. New York: Charles Scribner.
1988 "Higashi Ajia no Ongaku no Tayosei to no Kankei" [Diversity and Interrelationships of the Musics of East Asia]. In Nippon no Ongaku, Ajia no Ongaku [Music Traditions of Japan, Asia and Oceania], vol. 3: 145-58. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten.
1988 Review of Flying Dragons, Flowing Streams: Music in the Life of San Francisco's Chinese, by Ronald Riddle. Asian Theatre Journal 1: 103-05.
1990 Review of Music of the Billion, by Liang Mingyue. Asian Music 21/2: 147-50.
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1992 "Return of the Native Ethnomusicologist." Yearbook for Traditional Music 24: 1-7. [Keynote speech at the 31st World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music, Hong Kong, 1991.]
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1994 "A Selection of Works in Western Languages on the Peking Opera With Commentary." Read in Chinese at the International Academic Symposium on Chinese Traditional Opera Arts, Beijing, 1987. In Association for Chinese Music Research Newsletter 7/1 (Summer, 1994).
1995 "Autobiographical sketches." ACMR reports: Journal of the Association for Chinese Music Research 8/1: 1-20.
1997 "Music and the Confucian sacrificial ceremony." In Enchanting powers: music in the world's religions, edited by Lawrence E. Sullivan, 237-262. Cambridge, Mass. : Distributed by Harvard University Press for the Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions.
2003 Sonq Dynasty Musical Sources and Their Interpretation. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.
  "Some Thoughts on the Classification Scheme Used by the Chinese Music Archives at the Chinese University of Hong Kong." To appear in the festschrift for the late Dr. A. K. Chiu.
  "Music in the Chinese Context." Paper read at Symposium on National Music Cultures and Intercultural Dependencies, Berlin, June 5-9, 1985. To appear in the festschrift for Prof. Frederic Mote.
  "Contribution of the Percussion Orchestra to Dramatic Structure in the Peking Opera." Paper read at the 27th International Congress of Orientalists, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1967. To appear in the festschrift for Prof. James Crump.
  "English Translation of Hayashi Kenzo's 'Deciphering the Dunhuang Pipa Notation'." Manuscript.
  "Foundation Work in Pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese: Exercises with Explanations and Recordings." Manuscript and recordings.
  "Transcription and Translation of Three Peking Operas: Daa yu sha jia [The Fisherman's Revenge], Su San chii jieh, yuh tarng chuen [The Trial of Su San], and Juo fang Tsaur [The Capture and Release of Tsaur Tsau]." Manuscript.
1976 〈我在崇基音樂系的一些雜感〉,《中國時報》,1976年2月26日。
1980 〈京戲中韻律(節拍)之功能〉,《中國戲劇集刊》,2期(1980年10月):64-67。
1982 〈西天還有些兒彩霞:給爸爸朋友的一封信〉,《音樂與音響》(香港)(1982年4月):22。
1982 〈趙元任先生的最後一年〉,《傳記文學》,40卷4期(1982年4月):7。
1982 〈趙元任晚年的日子 ── 趙如蘭給親友的信〉,《南北極》,145期(1982年6月16日):90-91。
1983 回答一些關於父親的問題〉,《中國音樂》(北京),2期:38-39。
1987 趙元任音樂作品全集》,上海:上海音樂出版社。
1987 〈趙元任作品賞析〉,《今日生活》,252期(1987年9月):29-32。
1987 《趙元任音樂作品全集》的成書和出版〉,《音樂藝術》,4期:47-48。
1990 〈討論中國聲樂中民歌唱法、通俗歌唱法、美聲唱法〉,劉靖之主編:《中國音樂與亞洲音樂研討會論文集》,香港:香港大學亞洲研究中心,頁210-230。
1990 〈從“花兒”的演唱談表演實況問題〉,香港中文大學中國音樂資料館,香港民族音樂研究會編:《中國音樂國際研討會論文集》,濟南 : 山東教育出版社,頁70-78。
1994 〈我父親的音樂生活〉,《表演藝術》,15期(1994年1月):72-77。
1994 紀念趙元任一百零一歲誕辰的活動(附:余少華:卞趙如蘭教授)〉,《人文學刊》,3期(1994年6月):90-92。
1996 趙元任紀念專刊》,台北市:行政院文化建設委員會。
2000 〈民族音樂學與中國音樂研究〉,《偉倫訪問教授講座專輯》,第9輯(2000年1月1日):1-10。
2001 〈趙元任的音樂生活〉,《中華讀書報》,2001年7月18日。
2005 〈父親與我們的阿麗思童年〉,《中國時報》,2005年10月9日。
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